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1952, Montrèal, Canada

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"I really liked old objects…objects that had been used, objects eroded by the force of time… I think of myself as no different: a thing that has been used a lot, that has lived, that has been worn and polished by use and abuse - an intense thing… "
Richard Greaves

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born 1952, Montrèal
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Richard Graves is a visionary constructor. He studied theology and administration. After his studies Graves became, at first a Chef in a restaurant, then, later, a graphic in a little office in Montrèal. In 1982 he decided to move in a little village in Quebec. In there he starts to destroy the old barns and build strange and amazing buildings using only a Nylon lanyard as a measure instrument. This place where he builds is a place in continue evolution and definition. In 2006 the "collection of Art Brut" of Losanna, Switzerland, decided to make an exposition of his works. In the publication "Richard Greaves: Anarchitect / Anarchitecte" by Roger Cardinal and Sarah Lombardi and five Continents Editions is more about his work.


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