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Housing, Yugoslavian Modernism, Urban Planning

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Podgorica, Montenegro

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Urba Project
Beogradska 24-b
81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

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Vukota Tupa Vukotić

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December 03rd, 2017

Mileta Bojović Change this

Change thisPodgorica, Montenegro
born Podgorica

Mileta Bojovic

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Mile Bojović is the author of numerous municipal and general urban plans of municipal centers, significant architectural projects in Montenegro, as well as beyond its borders. Bojovic is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in 1966. From 1969 to 1994 he worked at the Republic Bureau of Urban Planning and Design of Montenegro and then founded his own private firm "Urba Project "in Podgorica, where he still works.

He realizes city plans for Herceg Novi, Plužine, and Zabljak. As well as numerous realized projects: Knitwear factory in Kolašin and Rozaje, the settlements Block V in Podgorica, Gymnasium Nikšić. He is a participant of numerous architecturally-town planning competitions, in which he won the first prize. He had exhibitions of his projects in Oslo and Bijelo Polje. He deals with the publicist in the field of urban planning and urban sociology.



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