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Future Architecture Platform

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Rome, Italy

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London, United Kingdom

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Giorgia Scognamiglio

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September 20th, 2019

Lorenzo Zandri Change this

Change thisLondon, United Kingdom
born Rome
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Lorenzo Zandri is an architectural photographer and artist. He graduated in Architecture at Sapienza Rome. His work is focusing on the research and documenting the built environment and urban transformations, using photography as the main tool to represent and depict them. His main interest is to compare the architecture with the human scale, as well as document how the human being is changing the surrounding landscape. Photography is the discipline that allows him to study the landscape in its different forms; the image - in its all shapes - is the visual reproduction of this analysis and the result of his research.

Currently based in London, he works on commission for architects, artists and magazines.

He is the co-founder of ROBOCOOP, an experimental and research art duo project active since 2012.


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