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Socialist Yugoslavia, Urban Politics, Urban Research, Education, Modernist Architecture

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October 8th 1984, Belgrade, Serbia

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Center for Cultural Decontamination – CZKD
Birčaninova 21
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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"To understand (and therefore act in) a society, means to decode the production of its space."
Ljubica Slavković


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August 17th, 2019

Ljubica Slavković Change this

Change thisBelgrade, Serbia
born 1984, Belgrade
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Ljubica Slavkovic is a graduated engineer of architecture and a PhD student at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. Her main expertise lies in the field of modernist architecture of socialist Yugoslavia, as well as in contemporary Belgrade development and its self-organized structures and informalities.

Ljubica is since 2014 the project director and editor at the Center for cultural decontamination, a cultural institution whose work is based on critical thinking, cultural and artistic production, politization and repolitization of public space, culture and art. She worked as an architect at several local and international offices Bolles+Wilson, Dva: studio, after which she has dedicated her work to researching and writing about architecture and urban politics, as well as engaging public in understanding and rethinking the relations between the space, society, culture and politics. She is an Editor in Chief of Belgrade issue of “Kamenzind” magazine and research platform (Switzerland). She has contributed numerous articles to local and international publications and portals, and since 2012 she writes monthly about urban space and culture for Belgrade’s “City Magazine”. In 2013 she was awarded by the 36th Salon of Architecture of Belgrade for architectural critique.

She is an author of the first architectural map of Belgrade, “Modernist Belgrade Map”, and a co-author of first architectural map of Skopje, “Modernist Map of Skopje”, both published by British Blue Crow Media. She is active in promoting knowledge on modernist architecture of Belgrade and socialist Yugoslavia, as well as on understanding and engaging in contemporary development of Belgrade, through numerous research projects, studies, workshops, seminars, lectures, exhibitions, writings and guided tours.


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