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Foma, Forgotten Masterpieces

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1921, Madrid, Spain

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Rome, Italy


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March 29th, 2019

Julio Lafuente Change this

Change thisRome, Italy
born 1921, Madrid
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Julio Lafuente was a Spanish architect who worked mainly in Italy. The moved form Spain to France where he studied arhitecture at l'Ecole Netionale Superieure de Beaux Arts. During the German occupation he moved back to Spain again to continue his studies, and working in different architectural topics.

After finishing his studies he travelled around Italy a country he felt in love with.

He based his office in Rome where he worked in several projects, very influenced by the Italian modern architects. During 1960 he designed the Tor de Valle Hippdrome with Calogero Benedetti.

During his last years he worked mainly in Saudi Arabia in architecture, urban and sculpture topics.


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