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February 14th 1904, Geneva, Switzerland

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Lausanne, Switzerland

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Change thisLausanne, Switzerland
born 1904, Geneva
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The architect Jean Tschumi (February 14th, 1904 – January 25th, 1962), born in Geneva, is one of the most important representatives of modern architecture in Switzerland. His architectural work focused on France and Switzerland, and his best-known building is the Nestlé headquarters in Vevey, for which he received the distinguished Reynolds Prize in 1960.

Tschumi’s buildings are based on extensive study of both the whole and the details. During the planning phase, the architect systematically played through variations, attempting to explore the various possibilities in remarkable sketches. Pursuing the concept of elegance, he designed externally recognizable identifying symbols for various companies.

Jean Tschumi is the father of architect Bernard Tschumi.


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