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Urban Planner

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1983, Prague, Czech Republic

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Headhand architekti
U Obecního dvora 799/7
110 00 Prague, Czech Republic

Anna Háblová Change this

Change thisPrague, Czech Republic
born 1983, Prague
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Anna Beata Háblová is a Czech architect, theorist, and poet from Prague. In 2004 she enrolled at Faculty of Architecture at CTU in Prague graduated from it in 2010 and seven years after got a doctoral degree in architecture. She has worked in several architectural studios in the Czech Republic and abroad during her student years, including seARCH in Amsterdam (2010-2011), Headhand Architekti, Jiran Kohout Architekti and Design studio prof. Sedláček. She has taken part in eight conferences, has won six prizes, has published five publications and two poems collections, and has created an urban project Vision Of Prague - Vision for Prague.


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