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February 24th 1939, Cetinje, Montenegro

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Belgrade , Serbia

Aleksandar Keković Change this

Change thisBelgrade , Serbia
born 1939, Cetinje
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Aleksandar Keković, Professor of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, was born on February 24, 1939 in Cetinje. He finished high school in Belgrade in 1956 and graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade in 1963. In 1964 he got employed in the Institute of Urbanism and Architecture of Serbia and the same year moved to Energoprojekt as leading designer and a chief of architectural studio. In 1978 he joined the Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, where he became an associate professor in 1982 and full professor in 1998. He was Vice-dean for expert & art studies, Vice-dean for collaborative work with business corporations and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture. He was leading professor of in charge of the course General Notions in Architecture, Department for Architectural Design studies and the postgraduate course Space Theory. He has guided eight M.Sc. students. Since 2001 he has been with Energoprojekt-Enjub as a special adviser.

Important buildings

1966. Budva, “Terrace” restaurant; 1967-1969. Zlatar, “Panorama” hotel; 1967. Cavtat, Hotel on Sustjepan, 200 rooms; 1969. Smederevo, Post Office and ATC; 1970. Smederevo, “INEX” department store; 1971. Smederevo, Child-care preschool facilities; 1972. Smederevo,“Jugopetrol” solidarity apartments, 250 units; 1973. Ivanjica, Earth satellite station; 1974-1975. Barajevo, Health-care facilities; 1974-1976. Smederevo, Sport centre; 1975. Smederevo, “Centre 2” Residential area, 240 apartments; 1976. Smederevo, Residential block, Karađorđeva str., 150 apartments; 1978. Budva, Elementary school; 1976-1982. Belgrade, “Energoprojekt” Office building; 1977-1980. Negotin, Health-care facilities; 1977-1984. Cetinje, “Grand” hotel, A category, 450 beds; 1977/87. Belgrade, Postal Centre; 1978. Belgrade, Federal Communication Centre; 1979-1985. Ulcinj, “Grand beach”, “Otrant Rent a Villa” Hotel Area, 400 beds; 1986-1998. Novi Sad, “Naftagas” office building; 1989. Pakostane, Mediterranean club; 1990-1991. Podgorica, “Malo Brdo” Residential area, 2000 apartments; 1994. D. Milanovac, National Park “Đerdap”, Multipurpose building; 1996. Belgrade, Residential buildings in Block 13, Bežanijska Kosa, Belgrade; 1996-1997. Bečići-Rafailovići, Residential villa; 1997. Belgrade, Residential building in Block 4, New Belgrade; 1965. Jordan, Two small tourist villages; 1970. Uganda, “Niles” hotel, Campala, 1200 beds; 1972-1973. Uganda,“Entebe” airport; 1972-1976. Libya, Garabuli, 1000 Farms with Communal Centres; 1975. Switzerland, Bern, Embassy of Yugoslavia.


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