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Winter Cabin in Malalcahuello

Araucania Region, Chile
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Intended as a winter retreat with minimum dimensions, as a point of observation of nature. The refuge is a slightly inclined prism, oriented north and looking towards a small waterfall. A large window overlooking north presides. A series of smaller, strategically placed windows, allows ventilation and focus to specific views. Outside is painted in dark brown, blending with the landscape, trying to disappear. The interior is a single space, generous considering its actual size, clear and warm, bleached pine wood. The place to sleep this resolved in separate attics, content and isolated, thus freeing the first plan for daytime activities.

An elevated wood path crosses across the forest leading to the cabin, since the accumulation of snow ( up to one meter high) makes practically impossible to access by natural terrain.

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mariathuroczy, February 26th, 2014
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