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Weymede Housing Estate

Byfleet, Surrey, United Kingdom
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A fantastic example of complete post-war real estates full of greenery and social fixtures. Finished in 1962 is one of Eric Lyons' key archievements, a notable British architect, once a close colleborator of Walter Gropius while the latter was living in UK in 1930s. Lyons, a bit of utopist character, deeply believed in a great power of architecture and the way it can deal with social dilemma, thus Weymede was designed as a social machine allowing its inhabitats to tighter relationship and create friendship communes. There is a set of typified buildings following Bauhaus ideas of a human scale architecture. Everything is beautifully located just on the edge of the river and ceates a fully consistent real estate that gives a great pleasure and high standard of living, even thought it was created nearly 60 years ago.

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ibex73, June 2nd, 2017
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