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Warsaw Marketplace Halls

Warsaw, Poland
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Twin market halls situated in Mirow district close to the strict center of Warsaw. Both halls has been constructed between 1899-1901 when Warsaw was under Russian Empire control and the Russian general was a city's president.

The halls are a perfect example of the late XIX century historicism architecture movement with facades covered by red brick so characteristic for Russian Empire architecture of those times.What's especially interesting can be found inside of each hall where behind a sentimental historicism blanket there is a modern engineering solution with iron cast supporting the ceiling. Such early modernist solution can be found in other market halls around the entire Europe.

One hall has been recently carefully renovated including memorial wall where Polish soldiers has been killed by Nazis during Warsaw uprising in 1944.

It seems that nothig has changes since the opening of market halls more than 100 years ago and today they are still one of the most popular food markets among Warsaw citizens. The halls are famous of their huge fresh vegetables and flower markets which brings hundrets of customer each day becoming extremely crowded on Saturdays regardless the weather and year season.

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ibex73, June 23rd, 2015
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