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Villa La Saracena

Santa Marinella, Italy
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The house is designed with irregular shape, between the sea and the promenade Guglielmo Marconi. Access to the sea is rather straightforward: the remarkable interior space of the glass room gives the opportunity to directly observe the Mediterranean landscape.

The villa is characterized by a considerable extension in length, given by the shape of the lot and the two directionality that it suggests: one that overlooks the street front, with which is closely related, and that reaching out to the expanse of sea. A perspective spatial level is facilitated by the presence of the tunnel, which leads to the garden or to the large dining room. The centripetal direction of the sleeping area is in strict contrast the opening of the superficial sides of the gallery when it, in a slow and sinuous, stretches and stretches toward the sea, as if to suggest a path of gradual revelation of the landscape and natural lighting. Finally, the composition includes an additional space, the natural cave in the sea, which is included in the project with the affixing of a gate of great dynamism and plasticity, modeled by Claire Falkenstein, painter and American sculptor, to whom Moretti entrusts such work for the expressiveness that characterizes his creations.

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bostjan, July 18th, 2016
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