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Villa Gallery

Lodz, Poland
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Villa Kindermann, desgined and built in 1903 by Gustav Landau - Gutenteger a notable Polish architect educated in Petersburg, is a unique and the best example of Art Nouveau architecture in Poland. Villa is located in the city of Lodz, which from the late XIX century has grown significantly where of particular importance for speedy economic development was the rise of a huge textile manufacture sites rated as one of the biggest in Europe next to Manchester. This allowed many founders of business become rich overnight what gave a rise to a number of Eclectic and Art Nouveau palaces and villas.

From the architectural and historic point of view Kindermann Villa is the finest early Art Nouveau building in Poland and a perfect example of Gesamtkunstwerk idea as its entire constructions has solely Art Nouveau character.

The building has assymetrical and irregular shape enriched by numerous ornaments and decorations. Each window, according to Art Nouveau architectural rules, has different shape, whereas unique floral and organic ornaments have symbolical meaning presenting fauna and flora typical to Polish temperate climate such as cheesnut trees, squirrels or poppy flowers to name just a few. The main portal includes two pillars in the form of apple tree trunks which are also a symbol of Polish agriculture.

The interior includes original staircase, ceiling decorations with stuccoworks, doors as well as wonderful stained-glass windows presenting Montreux landscape, all in Art Nouveau style, so that it gives a real character of total Secession artwork.

The entire bulding and its closest surrounding have luckily remained II World War and consequently Villa is the seat of City Art Gallery in Lodz since 1975. Between 2011 - 2013 the building has been carefully restored and was again opened to the public in June 2014.

As the recognition of its perfect renovation process as well as general historical and architectural values, in December 2015 Villa has became a member of exclusive Iconic Houses Network.

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ibex73, April 13th, 2017
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