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Wilhelm Dieter House

Darmstadt, Germany
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Wilhem Dieter's House was designed by Joseph Maria Olbrich in 1901 in Darmstadt, Germany. It a house within the Darmstadt Artists' Colony.

The Darmstadt Artists' colony

The artists' colony was founded in 1899 by Ernest Ludwig, Grand Duke of Hesse. The goal was to develop modern and forward-looking forms of construction and living. To this end, Ernest Louis brought together several artists of the Art Nouveau to Darmstadt: Peter Behrens, Paul Burck, Rudolf Bosselt, Hans Christiansen, Ludwig Habich, Patriz Huber and Joseph Maria Olbrich. The group of artists and architects designed the buildings in which they would live in work in Mathildenhohe. The artists were largely financed by patrons and worked together with other members of the group who ideally had concordant artistic tastes.

The Wilhelm Dieter House

Wilhelm Deiters was the manager of the artists' colony. It is the smallest of the houses and its particular form is the result of the quadratic shape of the property on which it is built, which lies at the intersection of two streets. It survived the war unscathed and was restored to its original appearance in 1991-1992 following several less fortunate attempts to renovate and redesign it. The building became the home of the German Polish Institute in 1996.

Some of the other houses that make up the artist's colony include Behrens House by Peter Behrens, the Ernest Ludwig House, The large Glueckert House and Joseph Maria Olbrich's own house.

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