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Three Houses in Planetveien

Oslo, Norway
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Arne Korsmo and Christian Norberg-Schulz designed a small development of ten homes on the slope of Vettakollen with views over the valley of the Oslo fjord, of which three in 1955, two of them only built their own homes and the third for the land owner. Architects saw the project as an opportunity to rethink the kind of suburban home in the context of technical and social progress of the war. They proposed challenge the typology of detached house with a master plan in which the residences are grouped. The group is structured as a set of three cubic volumes of two floors, connected by service areas on one level. The set is designed from a very regular and strict square modulation of 3.60 per 3.60 meters. Based on this compositional provided in a very light metal frame perimeter, in a submodule of 1.20 meters. According to the system, all elements of the housing are designed to respond to a massive prefabrication fitting between them like pieces of a Meccano. Essentially, these houses were conceived as a place that could make both work and family life. It is the idea that the Nordic may have about how living in such a hostile environment.

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bostjan, September 19th, 2016
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