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The Sea Organ

Zadar, Croatia
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Sea organ in Croatia

The Sea Organ is an architectural object and at the same time an experimental musical instrument located in the western part of the Zadar peninsula in Croatia. They are designed as a group of pipes that run under large marble stairs, and the sea waves create air pressure that produces random but fairly harmoniously arranged tones in the pipes. The Sea Organ was designed by Nikola Basic as part of a project to restore the old town coast (waterfront) and was presented to the public on 15 April 2005.

Technical Side

The organ studio "Heferer" gave calculations for flutes (slits that articulate the sound). Fearing corrosion that could primarily harm the flute, it was first thought to use ociten tubes, but as this is a thermally labile material, which is not suitable due to the gap that changes the sound in the labium (labiumi = whistles), Goran Jezina suggested ociten tubes in system, and the stainless steel flute itself, which can be controlled and precisely processed.

Music Side

Acoustician and musician Ivica Stamac composed seven sound clusters of 2 major chords (G and C6) that alternate steps. The choice of tones and chords was made on the musical matrix of the klapa song.

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