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Tokyo, Japan
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NIKKEN SEKKEI's NBF Osaki Building for Sony

Nikken Sekkei Ltd. is a Japanese architecture firm headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo. The company has its origins in a building design company founded in 1900 as part of Japan's Sumitomo conglomerate.

Now, it has over 2,500 employees and projects in 40 countries. Already in the 1930's, Nikken Sekkei instituted a prototype for a design review system, which later evolved into "Design Process Innovation" which aims to enhance collective creative thinking. In 1964, Nikken was the first firm in Japan to use computers in architectural design. Today Nikken Sekkei trades as a professional services firm which engages in architectural design, supervision and urban design, as well as related research, planning and consulting activities.

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Tokyo, Japan
keishiroyamada, December 16th, 2015
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