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The Nebuta House

Aomori, Japan
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The Nebuta House (Nebuta-no-ie warasse, ねぶたの家 ワ・ラッセ) is a museum in Aomori, Japan, designed by molo and the collaboration of d/dt and Frank La Riviere Architects. The building is intended to be a house for the mythical Nebuta - luminous three dimensional forms created from paper and light for Aomori's famous Nebuta Festival.

Located in front of Aomori train station, there were the city meets the sea and as visitors approach, the building and its plaza frame a view of Aomori Bay. A screen of twelve meter tall steel ribbons wraps the whole building and encloses an outdoor walkway, a threshold between the mythical world of Nebuta and the contemporary city. Each ribbon is twisted and bended to form openings for light, views and passageways.

Inside, the Nebuta, luminous creatures, will reside in darkness. Humans enter into a world of giants.

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vanessafralves, May 15th, 2013
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