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The Memorial Park to the Uprising and the Revolution in Grahovo

Niksic, Montenegro
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The memorial park in Grahovo is dedicated to the beginning of the uprising in Montenegro (July 13, 1941), fighters from this area, and above all, to the national hero Sava Kovacevic (1905-1943), who was born in the nearby village of Nudo. He was the commander of the Third Division of the National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia (NOVJ), which started the Uprising in 1941. Not long thereafter, he died in the battle of Sutjeska in 1943. Leading the partisans from Grahovo in the fight against the occupying forces, Kovacevic disarmed the enemies at the top of the Grahovo Uvac hill on July 13, 1941. Information about this heroic act can be found on a stone slab, which was placed in the memorial park before the construction. The memorial complex in Grahovo was unveiled during the celebration of the Montenegrin uprising on July 13, 1978.

A plateau with busts of four national heroes marks the entrance to the memorial park, located at the foot of the Uvac hill. Not far from there, a pathway leads to another plateau containing 276 concrete cubes, approximately 50 cm high, inscribed with the names of 230 local partisan fighters and 46 civilian victims of the fascist terror. The central, highest point of the memorial park, which is also cascaded through three interconnected units, can be reached after a series of smaller plateaus and a flight of stone steps to the top of Uvac. Merged with the main sculptural stone base, the remains of natural rock are placed in the middle part of the central plateau.

The imposing sculpture made by Miodrag Zivkovic symbolizes two partisan formations in motion that merge into one, led by Sava Kovacevic. This is actually a motif from the partisan battle of Sutjeska in June 1943, when the national hero Sava Kovacevic died. The bronze statue is a dynamic, deeply expressive composition, which reaches a height of approximately 9 meters with the pedestal. The contours of human bodies are created as a unique entity in motion symbolizing the unity and determination of the partisans.

All the necessary measures for the renovation and conservation of the memorial complex were taken in 2020, when adequate lighting was installed, too. The recognizable sculpture overlooking the entire Grahovo field from the Uvac hill is now visible at night.

Source: Slavica Stamatovic Vuckovic, "Spomenici Drugog svjetskog rata u Crnoj Gori" (NVO Expeditio, 2020).

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