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The Armour Plated Hospital

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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The emergency military medical centre consists of four close-set pavilions protected by architectural armour- plating with a camouflage finish. The building was designed by the Sarajevo-based Studio nonstop.

It is located in the Rajlovac military barracks in Sarajevo, which date from the Austro-Hungarian period (late 19th century), and are a typical example of a pavilion-type structure.

Functionally, the building is defined by its emergency medical facilities, including emergency admission and resuscitation bays, operating theatres, intensive care, an X-ray and laboratory block, clinic and infirmary, and ancillary facilities. With due regard to its urban setting, these facilities are grouped into four pavilions: the emergency and theatre block, the X-ray and laboratory block, a clinic and an infirmary.The need for ease and rapidity of movement between the various departments was met by a design of close-packed single-storey pavilions linked by main longitudinal and transverse corridors.Each pavilion is decorated in a different pastel shade symbolizing its particular function.

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mariathuroczy, May 20th, 2014
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