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Telonica Tower

Barcelona, Spain
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Telefonica Tower is the latest addition to Barcelona's famed skyline. It sits on an exceptional location marking the origin of Diagonal Avenue, Barcelona's main thoroughfare, on the border of the vast expanses of the Forum Area by the sea. This tower, custom-tailored to host the corporate headquarters of Telefonica Group and its main R+D global facilities, is a contextual building with a symbiotic relationship with its surroundings, directly opening a ground-floor flagship store onto the adjacent public spaces.

It is a trapezoidal prism, sharp and stylized, light and whitish, that takes advantage of the perimeter shape of the plot. Through its extra-clear glass curtain wall, it reveals dynamic volumes that respond to the different specificities of the interior program and relate to the various heights of nearby buildings. Inside the building four singular areas generate a variety of interior experiences: the main lobby atrium 30 meter high; an atrium on the club area at the 17th floor; the terrace and the double height of the Board Room, on the 23rd floor; and the auditorium, which occupies two floors and is split into stalls and two amphitheaters that can operate autonomously for smaller groups.

The standard office floors are open-plan, taking advantage of the structural system of the tower: a bearing central core and a perimeter structure along the facade allow for no pillars in the plan. The diamond lattice of the exterior bears the horizontal forces and torque of the tower, and contributes to the diffusion of solar light and to glare control, generating interior working spaces of extraordinary quality.

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