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Sun Moon Lake Visitor Centre

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Japanese architect Norihiko Dan's Sun Moon Lake Visitor Centre for the Sun Moon Lake is highly praised by all the judges for it's marvelous integration to the environment. Its minimalist style was celebrated by painstakingly preforged concrete slabs, and the nature of building materials are subtly presented. The shape of the structure forms a frame for visitors to enjoy the landscape of the Sun Moon Lake. A shallow pond extends along the site borrows the scene from the surrounding landscape through the reflections over water, giving out a tranquil ambiance of Zen. Sunlight creates changing visual effects inside and outside the substantial and insubstantial spaces.

A foreign architect whose love and respect to local culture is fully told through his humble gesture which nevertheless expresses his splendid design skills. Sun Moon Lake Visitor Centre has set a paradigm of how architecture should be responding to the environment- it serves the environment instead of the ambition of becoming a landmark.

The annual Taiwan Architecture Awards are organized by the Taiwan Architect Magazine.

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  1. E-Architect
mariathuroczy, March 20th, 2013
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