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Slovenian Parliament

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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The monumental Parliament building is designed as a freestanding cube. With its representative facade is turning to the Revolution Square. The building is an expression of the modernist interpretations of classic design that suggests the influence of Joze Plecnik. The two story portal produced by the sculptor Zdenko Kalin and Karel Putrih represents an allegory of the working people.

The inside of the building reflects the attitude of Vinko Glanz to design space that has its roots in Plecnik school: perfection in the processing of building elements and details and material selection. Mosaics and frescoes are the work of Joze Ciuha, Marij Pregelj and Ivan Seljak - Copic. The frieze before the big hall was painted by Slavko Pengov and illustrates the history of Slovenes. The big hall was renovated in 2000 by Sonja Miculinic, Darja Valic and Albina Kindlhofer.

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bostjan, July 17th, 2017
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