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Shibaura House

Tokyo, Japan
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Shibaura House - Glass Facade

Shibaura House, run by Kohkoku Seihan Inc., is a unique and diverse workshop space located in Tokyo's business district, Minato-ku. It opened in July 2011 and has workshops and exhibitions organised by artists, architects, illustrators, designers.

Designed by Kazuyo Sejima, the intent of the mixed-use building is to provide a fun and exciting space for public and private use. The buildings exterior is transparent, with every floor being defined by rooms of various shapes and connected by curving staircases. Glass is used as a partition on the ground floor, merging the 'living' space with the street outside, it includes a park with tables and chairs for everyone in the city to use which is available at no cost. Above the ground level are two floors of 'lounge' spaces. Bound by a large terrace, these relaxing areas offer desk space for working or studying. The third floor, 'work' space, is utilised as staff offices. The top floor, named the 'bird room', is a multipurpose workshop area. Also operating as a rental space for events and photo shoots.

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  1. Shibaura House
aleeshacallahan, July 1st, 2013
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