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Emmanuelle Moureaux

Tokyo, Japan
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Emmanuelle Moureaux was born in France in 1971. She earned her bachelor's degree in architecture from the University of Bordeaux, and upon graduation in 1995, worked at Eric Raffy and Associates. Emmanuelle moved to Tokyo in 1996 and established Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture & Design in 2003. Inspired by the Japanese traditional sliding screens, Emmanuelle has been developing the concept of "Shikiri", a colorful partition series which literally means "dividing space with colors" in English, with different materials through many of her projects such as beauty salons, offices, clinics, and schools in hopes to bring out the essence of the old and turn them into something modern and practical which still can be used today.

Her distinguish use of colors has been recognized extensively - one of the leading design magazines, Brain called her "Master of Colors". She uses colors as three-dimensional items, like layers, in order to create spaces, and not as an element applied at the end of the design process to decorate the space.She has exhibited at Tokyo Designers Block, Ozone Gallery, Tokyo International Gift Show, 100% Design Tokyo, 100% Design London, and Tokyo Design Tide where she won the Best Installation Award 2005. In 2007, she has been selected as one of the 40 prominent designers for Perspective magazine's special feature, 40 Under 40. In 2008, she won the "15th CS Design Award - Special Jury Prize".In 2009, the office name is changed into "emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design".She assumes the position of Associate Professor, Department of Product Design, Tohoku University of Art & Design in 2008,and is continuing it now.

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Tokyo, Japan
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mariathuroczy, April 6th, 2012
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