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Sabadell School

Sabadell, Spain
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The school is located in the urban city center of Sabadell, in a corner shaped by two buildings aligned to the street. Both volumes create a wide courtyard with a sports center located in the basement. The proposal involves only the oldest building (1959) which hosts the pre-school classrooms and few outdoor spaces. I New outdoor spaces. The essential strategy consists of taking advantage of the huge potential of the original building, both the constructed surfaces as well as the useful spaces. The main interventions are a complete indoor refurbishment and a small extension of 240m2 added to the previous 1200 m2 giving a new south facade. The design also includes two new playgrounds: one on top of the building and another one on the roof of the sports center entrance. Finally, a new porch is added to the street main access.

The original building has no heritage value, but it does have certain material value as existing infrastructure. It also has a two-sided sentimental meaning. It's 'charisma' linked to the oldest part of the school building, and the 'atmosphere' due to the passing time patina has given to the material (masonry walls with sunken joints, hidden ceilings of ceramic vaults and concrete beams, etc.)

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daniele, June 28th, 2017
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