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Restaurant in Chora

Istanbul, Turkey
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Gate with Chora in the background

The dull and dungeonlike existing restaurant held little appeal. The space was small and had a low ceiling. The entrance lobby to restaurant was small and dark. Service corridor was inappropriately cutting through the restaurant. The problem was to resolve the shortcomings of the existing space. The solution was to play with solids / voids, rhythm, contrast of dark and light, lively and pastel hues. To reinforce the spatial unity and visual linkage between the entry area to the restaurant yet to preserve the privacy of booths and tables, walls were designed with modular rectangular voids. Slots have been created between walls and ceiling. Besides providing a rhythm in the space, the modular openings help create larger, yet intimate corners. Free standing wall becomes an object in space with the ceiling floating over corridor and entry area. The grid of modular voids has been superimposed on corridor walls as niches. The utilization of contrasting hues strengthens the solid / void concept.

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sarchitecture, December 17th, 2021
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