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Residential Building of Dr. Zdravko Duric

Belgrade, Serbia
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The residential building of Dr. Zdravko Duric was built in 1934 after the design by architect Branislav Kojic. It was known as the Swissair Building, because the Swiss air company had its offices in it for a certain period of time.

The spatial arrangement of the building is based on a free design of the floor plan and rational composition of space. The ground floor zone, conceived as a massive plinth, is lightened by the big glass surfaces of shop windows; there is not so much restraint in the design of the upper floors. The closed cubic mass of the building is alleviated through clearly separated window apertures and corner balconies. The application of a vertical series of round windows, a roof terrace and the flag stand belong to the standard elements of the modern architectural vocabulary.

The harmonious relationship of masses is realized by an inter-permeation of the verticals and the uniform rhythm of the windows and horizontal lines of balcony fences. One year after its completion, the house was rewarded for the mostbeautiful facade and afterwards served as model to the architects of modernist orientation in their designs of residential buildings.

The originality and quality of architectural treatment make this building by architect Kojic one of the more important realizations in the style of modernism and represents an anthological example of mature Belgrade modernism from the inter-war period.

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sonjadragovic, April 30th, 2014
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