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Palazzo Nervi Scattolin

Venice, Italy
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Palazzo Nervi Scattolin is located in the Campo Manin, Venice. It is headquarters of the Venice Savings Bank. A pre existing building dated in 1883, in 1970 was replaced with the new building. The architects who worked on the design were Pier Luigi Nervi and Angelo Scattolin.

The most important part of the palace is the facade, facing the square. It is reinterpreting the Venetian Gothic style. The facade is a very modern, the three-storey high ground floor has an important bronze iron work by Simon Benetton, and on the two noble floors an uninterrupted series of square openings cut off by pillars. On the back, the second facade on the San Luca square retains the original eighteenth-century lines and stays in harmony with the other buildings.

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lorenzozandri, June 18th, 2021
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