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Palafito Sur Hostal Chiloe

Chiloe, Chile
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The stilt Castro are in the process of recovery, events, buildings that are located on pillars of Luma and Cypress. The stilt Pedro Montt, one of three districts of stilt houses in the city of Castro, undertake its annexation to this list of contributions to the city's image and cultural value of these typical buildings on the sea.

It seems hard to believe that this legendary neighborhood is sadly neglected stilts, in a high state of deterioration due to high maintenance costs and discouragement and interest of authorities and the municipality.

This last time, Pedro Montt palafitos neighborhood is recovering, rehabilitates, to be part of a thriving tourist attraction in the city of Castro, renewing his colorful and infrastructure of what until then was a disturbing image to the cultural and historical value Chiloe.

South Stilt lays cornerstone of numerous mediations that come your way, recycling carefully studied, with few resources, provides its passengers, mostly foreigners and their environment, the experience of living on the sea and to make this intervention a contribution of recycling, the spirit of their neighborhood and city. For this intervention took three criteria for intervention;

1 - Access street as Chiloe showcase the city.2 - Interior, top lit path as continuous light warm space.3 - Being the sea, integrated abalconado the sea, its tides daily vigil.

In this way, access from the street, clad in larch shingles recycled shows a texture area opens near the front through a "window of Chiloe" lit double height, setting the access and welcome their passengers.

To the other side, towards the sea, is assembled a unique double height, an integrated, to share and live the experience of the tides, of the southern channels and the surrounding fauna. Your inner facade is a collage of windows that make the idea of paintings of the sea, drawing the surrounding landscape, such as photographs.

From the outside, colorful cloths are arranged randomly as the stilt houses themselves are organized, integrating the "grain", the "dispersion" of their environment and using the colors freely wielded by artisanal vessels "waterlines red, yellow helmets , and blue booths ".

In recycling and remodeling, we used various materials such as structures, piles Luma Colorada, beams, upper beams Tenio and Canelo.

Coatings: The coatings are different and many the same palafito recycled as other constructions larch tiles recycled cans Zinc Alum. Coatings used as Terciados Ulmo new and Tepa. The exterior is completely wrapped corrugated Zinc alum, some other pre-painted and painted.

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  1. Plataforma Arquitectura
gemazzz, June 13th, 2013
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