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Oks House

Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Antonio Bonet build this house for the engineer Mariano Oks and his wife Martha in the town of Martinez, in the residential belt located north of Buenos Aires. The site, located in the center of the block, had a rectangular geometry in the form of "L".

Bonet firstly projected the floor of the house as a rectangular prism in the central part of the site. The house program is divided on the living area with entrance hall, lounge, library, music room, dining area and a room for children on the ground floor which is about 70 cm above the garden; and the sleeping area on the upper floor with the bedrooms and bathrooms, both for the family and for the service. A staircase in the southwest corner of the house connects the service area of both independent levels of the main staircase, linked to the lounge and entrance.

The house consists of a structural grid of pillars and beams Profiles "I" with a different modulation in both directions. In the perpendicular direction the module changes throughout the different versions of the project and finally materializes ABCBA scheme differentiating some exterior walkways around the house and a central place of circulations and services.

The metal grid, painted matte black, fits not only the geometry of the housing but also a virtual volume double-height terraces and balconies on the east, topped with a ladder, which allows, through a walkway area, the connection outside of the upper floor and garden.

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bostjan, August 3rd, 2016
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