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Salvador University Campus

Buenos Aires, Argentina
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The University of Salvador commissioned architect Clorindo Testa and his team to design the campus, consisting of the auditorium, library and a square.

The intention of the University of Pilar is to have a building open to the community in the area, while also creating a cultural experience. Escaping the conventional design, balancing art and architecture in the style of Testa.

It is located on the banks of the Rio Lujan in Pilar, on a site of 67 hectares.


The auditorium and library mark a square inside the campus, which continues in the plaza that borders the library, crosses a stream with a bridge and ends in the auditorium.

The auditorium is solid on the outside and soft inside, with a complex interior massed simply on the exterior. It's like a large meeting room, designed for all kinds of cultural activities and entertainment. The richness of its sculptural image lies in the form that creates four different facades.

Touring the building feels like everything was thought of in direct relation to the landscape, taking the view towards the river. The audience takes the form of a mound, like a green hill. The lookout is where the relationship with the landscape is at its maximum.

The auditorium has capacity for 650 people. It is located in the center of the complex, facing the square, from which a gentle ramp leads to the roof of the building that is proposed as a terrace or veranda on the lake.

Access, facing the river, is framed by two side rooms. The foyer is revealed as a place full of natural light, an additional room is as bright as the foyer. Conceived as a flexible space, it can be divided into four smaller rooms. Similarly, through walls, the backdrop of the stage opens to expand and create a new outdoor space.

Located on the roof of the building, the viewpoint is has a big metal floor open to the Lujan River and skyline. However, although their presence is impressive, it comes through a ramp that rises along one side showing different views along the route. To reinforce the sense of the mound building, the building's tin roof extends over the walls, forming a solid architecture, which contrasts with the metallic structure of the ramp and gazebo, painted red.

The auditorium and library are made from reinforced concrete and masonry, metal casings and metal frames.

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