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Office Building in Nantes

Nantes, France
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This innovative office building in Nantes designed by Lacaton and Vassal architects was implemented in 2002.


The building is situated in a developping neighborhood on the inner periphery on Nantes. The plot of land is wedged between a tree-planted boulevard to the south and, to the north, a disused rail line overlooked by a large wooded park.

The implantation in the centre of the plot is the one that, by applying city-planning regulations, permitted the greatest, and therefore most profitable, surface area to be created, and the required on-site parking to be assured.

Design and technical solutions

The structure is of metal. The section of the posts gradually diminishes with each storey. Balconies in metal grating running along the entire perimeter allow people to go ouside on every floor.

Motorized exterior blinds with retractable and adjustable slats, controlled by an anemometer, provide solar protection and the screening from light of all the facades.

The floors function in open plan but may be modulated by the installation of partitions, which are slotted into the uprights of the facades.

The service facilities integrated into the ceilings-power points on embedded modular channels, the heating and cooling system- are positionned so as to allow for a wide variety of layouts.

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