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La Cuisine Art Center

Nègrepelisse, France
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In a village Nègrepelisse, Midi-Pyrénées region of southwest France, was designated a new cultural program in a 13th century castle. The project is focusing on arts and cuisine and was won by RCR through a competition. It activates the inner courtyard by structuring the new facilities around the old castle: the kitchen, exhibition and educational spaces, are on one side, while the workshops for children, artists and performers, and the administration areas are on the other. By using few materials, mostly steel and glass, and attaching the new construction to the existing castle walls, the architects have minimized the impact on the historic structure and created a clear dialogue between old and new. The facades pierced by large windows, allow light inward and let the activities of the center ow outwards, creating a luminous and energized.

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bostjan, March 2nd, 2017
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