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Italian Post Office

Milan, Italy
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After the transformation of the Italian Post Office's corporate assets in 1998, at the beginning of the new century, the new management commissioned a comprehensive project to modernize its post offices nationwide. The brief covered the Post Office's corporate image as the technological updating of tellers and back offices with new electronic equipment. The resulting design of the new interiors improved working standards, beginning with revamped cashier counters to replace the old and off-putting bullet-proof glass barriers. With no separation between staff and customers, the new customer counter is designed as a single standardized module that can be easily produced, warehoused and installed, with built-in wall cabinets behind the back office area. The public hall is spacious and well-lit, communicating with the consultancy booths which are closed and private but have partly transparent walls. The flooring is in grit stone; the furniture in light blue plastic laminate with profiles and protections in stainless steel; the tops are in pale birch wood.

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thedani, February 24th, 2017
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