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Stockholm, Sweden
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Nymble building of the Union of Students of the Technical University of Stockholm is one of the main examples of Swedish functionalism. The building had a first enlargement in 1952 and designed by Sven Markelius, Bengt Lindroos and a second in 1977. The building is a result of the competition held in 1928 by the Student Union in order to make a building to house dining rooms, a nightclub, spaces for major and minor events, conferences and various facilities for students. While the proposal Sven Markelius and Ahren One was considered the best, the jury chose not to award the first prize to have a much higher than expected cost. However, a reduced time were charged with drafting the project. The functionalist style of the work is a stark contrast to the main university building designed by Erik Lallerstedt national romantic style that alludes to the design language of ancient architecture.

Nymble is one of the first functionalist buildings in Sweden and is also one of the few classic functionalist buildings with a more rigorous style of what later came to characterize the Swedish functionalism design. One Ahren and Sven Markelius was the main proponents of functionalism in Sweden. Bengt Lindroos who designed the later buildings also had a prominent place in the history of Swedish architecture.

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bostjan, October 10th, 2016
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