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Porto, Portugal
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At one of the most representative areas in Porto, Portugal, where today decay and destruction are what is left a creative team FAHR 021.3 presented a project that sums up their provocative vision and reflects a new architectural and artistic approach to one of the most characteristic elements in Porto - void spaces. Framed by the Locomotiva initiative, promoted by Porto Lazer, FAHR looked at these spaces, found repeatedly throughout the city, and saw possible opportunities for intervention and imagination. The impact of the green metal mesh filling the void by one of the city's gateway is undeniable. The result of this intimate dialogue with the city is absolute perfection when bringing together all the elements that make up the area around Sao Bento train station. The ruin, part of the history of the city, is now an area of intervention and, first and foremost, of imagination. It engages the eye and induces discomfort. It creates a new atmosphere in Porto and dignifies a space that was once degraded.

Six tons of steel, 28 metres long, 11 metres high, 5 metres deep and almost 200 intersections, all different -a digitally developed metal mesh. A mesh that finds its physicality in the irregularity that is a by-product of the human hand. In line with the creative team's philosophy, the plastic gesture, which breaks free from formalisms and rules in construction, in a city centre such as Porto, puts into evidence the intent of provoking and surprising people. This project has the latest lighting technologies that enable the dynamic of digital programming, enhancing interactivity with citizens, residents and visitors.

In co-authorship with light designer Jose Nuno Sampaio of Think Light and with the support of Lighting Living Lab - Globaltronic and Lightenjin, Metamorfose structure became the basis for "Porto Light Experience" illumination project.

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annaturina, October 25th, 2019
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