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Kariakoo Market

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
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The Kariakoo market in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is built in 1974 by the architect B.J. Amuli.

Kariakoo is a ward of the Ilala District of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It has a population of 9,405 (2002). The name derives from a corruption of that of the British "Carrier Corps", that used to be based in this area. Today, Kariakoo is mainly known for its extensive market, that spans several city blocks and contributes substantially to Dar es Salaam's food provision as well as small-scale economy. Until recently Kariakoo was also one of the main daladala "stations" in Dar es Salaam, although this function has now been moved to Ubungo.

The building offers three layers of market area and forms the centre of the Kariakoo market which is spread out in the neighborhood.

The building is perfectly adapted to its function, but also to its environment. It provides for the necessary air circulation and the roof exists of a series of gigantic funnels to harvest the rain, to be stored in underground collection tanks.

The open-space around the building is occupied with market stands, and other constructions to support a market. The entrances to the building are practically blocked by those constructions.

To enter the market one has to mediate between the market stands and salesmen to reach the entrance of the building. A contrast appears when entering the building. The actual market is no longer situated inside the building, but has spread into the adjacent streets and open-spaces. The building functions like a vacuum inside the crowded commercialized zone.

The ground and first floor of the building are used by another kind of shops, which sell more specialized and expensive goods. The function of the market is changing.

The open-space adjacent to the building and the empty space on top of the basement of the secondary market are used as a marketplace. In time, different constructions are built to give some shade to the open-spaces.

The market has a huge effect on the whole Kariakoo area. The building is the heart of the commercial center, and attracts a lot of people.

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