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Jardines Del Pedregal

Mexico City, Mexico
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Animal del Pedregal

El Pedregal is an residential colonia in southern Mexico City defined by San Jeronimo Avenue and Ciudad Universitaria at the north, Insurgentes Avenue at the east and Periferico at south and west. The5.1 km2 of lava fields was the biggest urban development in Mexico City during the 1940s. Luis Barragan urbanised the area and developed a project for the protection of its ecosystem. Barragan had the idea of developing El Pedregal promoting the harmony between architecture and landscape.

Plaza de las Fuentes

This main entrance was completed in 1949 and is located at the intersection of Fuentes and San Jeronimo avenues. Today there is only preserved a concrete Animal del Pedregal a sculpture by Mathias Goeritz, inspired by a prehistoric animal figure etched into the rocks of the Pedregal.

Model Gardens and Casas Muestra

Barragan designed the Model Gardens for public inspection and planned as models for the development of private space. The Casas Muestra were intended for publicity and sales purposes and was built in 1950 according to the project by Max Cetto in collaboration with Luis Barragan.

The landscape had a sculptural effect with rocks and vegetation left largely in place.

The Plaza de las Fuentes has been almost completely destroyed, it is no longer the main entrance but just an exit street from El Pedregal.

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mboehret, January 25th, 2016
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