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ITER Headquarters

Cadarache, France
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The design of the ITER Headquarters was conceived by local architects Ricciotti and Bonhomme, who also designed the Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur International School in Manosque that was completed in 2010.

All along the 165 metres of the Headquarters' northwest facade, vertical sunshades create a striking visual effect; these slats will provide protection from the sun and create the impression of an undulating external veil, enhancing the building's integration into the landscape. Made of highly resistant fibre concrete, the sunshades also lend structural strength to the building.

Construction of the six-storey building (one basement level and five storeys) began in August 2010. Two auxiliary buildings will house the ITER Medical Centre and research facility access checkpoint, and the Welcome Building located close to the public entrance to the ITER site.

The 20,500-square-metre ITER Headquarters was completed in August 2012 and handed over to the ITER Organization on 5 October.

In 2013, the Headquarters building will be extended to house a further 350 people.

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mariathuroczy, January 28th, 2013
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