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Importanne Centre

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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The Importanne Centre - designed by Studio nonstop in Sarajevo - consists of eight towers interconnected by vertical gardens and facade "blanks" as a symbolic representation of the points at which the towers could interlock to form urban jigsaw puzzles.

The buildings constitute a multifunctional business centre with offices, a hotel, flats, a shopping centre and an underground garage. In the light of the urban and programmatic context, the centre consists of eight towers compressed into a single entity to form a multiblock. Each tower remains a separate functional and formal entity linked to the others by greenery forming vertical garden facades. Each of the towers has its own special aesthetic expression in the rhythm of the openings, the colour of the facade panels, and the position of the facade "blanks."

This creates an extremely interesting dynamics of interconnection, interaction and communication between the separate yet interlinked towers of the urban multiblock, providing a range of functional links in response to market demands and tenants' needs.

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zahara, September 23rd, 2014
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