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House of Fairy Tales

Antwerp, Belgium
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The House of Fairy tales for the Hans Christian Andersen Museum and the Lotze's garden tells a Fairytale to the visitors and its public.The House of Fairy tales is composed of a museum part which is underground and 10 Follies Houses disperse on the Lotze's Garden.The Follies Houses with its origin from Hans Christian Andersen birthplace do fan out through Lotze's Garden to invade the city at the Thomas B Thriges Gade towards the world bringing Andersen's stories to the peoples.The Follies Houses with their elegant and typical form blurred reality with imaginary. They became living and they moves freely on the Lotze's Garden interfering with the public.Each Folly House tells his story. Their facade of cutting pattern from the collection of Andersen's papercut's works brings his work inside, and at night it diffuse his work outside to the world.The Museum is build underground leaving the Lotze's Garden untouched but adding a level to the Garden. The wide access from the Garden to the Museum will attract visitors, offering them curiosity, experience, reflection and imagination to discover the origin of that fairy world.The laying out of the Lotze's Garden will be part visible from sky view ceilings in the Museum and patio's connecting the outdoors with the indoors. A basins of water at Lotze's Garden level will reflects magical light into the spaces of the Museum below. The Follies Houses may be used for different allocations such as a Public Library with adjacent terraces on the Lotze's garden , access to the underground parking, Exposition Hall, etc.Although Follies Houses has been created as a contrast to the surrounded buildings to preserve their origins, it respects the urban typology. The Lotze's Garden is playing with levels allowing society to use the Garden for different event's as concerts, lectures, movies, etc.

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bfa, April 9th, 2014
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