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Brussels, Belgium
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With starting point an architectural practice and urban culture, and as a building opportunity is available, welcomes L´escaut and develops artistic projects.

L´escaut is a place of expression that escapes a restricted sense. A plural place and gathers.

The work of the artist and the expressions he gives his work as a resource for our ability to question the world. The provision of space research and work, we try to contribute.

In March 2009, L' Escaut sprl became a cooperative. The aim of this change was to officially involve the workers in administrative and financial management, as a responsability but also as a reward on their work. This opening was also oriented to people who supported L' Escaut since a long time. This is why workers and shareholders are well-marked.Internal rules of L' Escaut define 2 decision-making powers.The first one is the General Assembly that convene shareholders. Each shareholder has one vote, independently of his share number. Workers can assist and participate in the General Assembly but they cannot vote. General Assembly occurs minimum once a year. It deals with company's strategic orientations.The second one is the so-called Pow Wow, and refers to indian ritual. It happens weekly and convene all the workers. Each worker has one vote but most decisions are taken by a consensus process. Pow Wow is about architectural and artistic projects, competitions, communication, management and human ressources. All workers are greatly encouraged to make propositions.

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Brussels, Belgium
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gemazzz, June 19th, 2013
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