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House For Three Generations

Marco De Canaveses, Portugal
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The house stands in a corner plot of a small Portuguese village, but its context is not very relevant. The house houses three generations; each generation is assigned a bedroom; each bedroom has a different shape; those shapes are arbitrary. The living space is just the negative of the private areas; it has an unorthodox form.

The house is mainly made of walls, slabs, openings and a column; the column is not absolutely necessary. It has a square plan and a pyramidal roof; its corners point at the cardinal directions. The house has large square windows and tiny round windows; it is made of grey concrete with the walls painted in white. The house was conceived by portuguese-based but swiss-trained architects, for portuguese-raised but swiss-based clients. Like most houses, this one has rooms, windows, door, floors, etc, but the architects insist on the idea that it is the way these elements are disposed which "makes a difference".