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Hotel Igman

Mt. Igman, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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The hotel located in Igman - a mountain plateau in central Bosnia and Herzegovina - was designed by Ahmed Dzuvic for the XIV Olympic Winter Games.

Respecting Igman's forestry scenery, Ahmed Dzuvic suceeded in constructing Hotel Igman through a skillful game of opposing roof and wall slopes, supplemented wooden cladding on the facade and secondary window plastics. The broken basis additionally contributed to this dance of polished surfaces.

On the main facade references to the traditional architecture of the Dinaric Alps houses in Bosnia can be read most clearly: the division of ground floor, central mass and a steep sloping roof. Floor plans and facades show the dynamic and fragmented designed composition that with its silhouette additionally links to the mountain topography. Spatial and plastic play of oblique planes and elements of wooden structures creates an intimate and warm atmosphere of the interior.

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bostjan, November 23rd, 2023
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