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Acores, Portugal
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GALLERY is placed in front of the building that hosted the previous editions of Walk & Talk which was recently sold, forcing the festival to move elsewhere. The title of the project is a reference to Walk & Talk's own history.

The pavilion's basic element is a single frame with 3 openings (as the Ponta Delgada's monument "doors of the city"). It has no stability enough to stand by itself so the use of the triangular geometry created by the assembly of 3 frames generates the basic unity from where the project grows in and endless system. That repetition allows the creating of a space, a building or even a new reality.

GALLERY is a about physical experience and haptic sensations. It's made of local Cryptomeria wood with a rough finishing that ask us to feel its texture. It has local bagacina on the floor that creates sounds and rhythms while walking inside. It has a translucent black net that creates different degrees of transparency/opacity along the spaces. It has a collection of 18 small rooms (identical in size but different in their relations) asking to explore it and discover the labyrinthic path to main room from where one can see the Atlantic Ocean.

GALLERY is imagined as a small landmark structure that creates newpossibilities of reading a territory in a non imposing manner. It has and abstract relation to a castle, placed onthe highest point. It also creates a newdiagonal axis from the city towards the ocean, encouraging a dialogue between the tower of the theatre and the former Walk & Talk gallery.The rigid geometry allows flexible and informal uses on the inside. Apart from the exhibitions and performances, this is a gallery to walk, to sit, to enjoy and to stay.

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jqts, October 13th, 2019
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