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Fiat Tagliero Building

Asmara, Eritrea
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The Fiat Tagliero Building in Asmara, capital city of Eritrea, is a Futurist-style service station completed in 1938 and designed by the Italian architect Giuseppe Pettazzi. The building resembles to an aeroplane, consisting of the central tower which supports a pair of 15m wings build in reinforced concrete. The tower itself incorporates the office space, chasier desk and a shop. Fiat Tagliero was built on a major intersection where any of Asmara's 50,000 cars could stock up on petrol and supplies before departing the metropolis for the airport or Eritrea's southern towns and Ethiopia beyond. Its location was strategic in the wider context of Italy's new Roman Empire in Africa. The building is still structurally sound after 75 years. It has not been damaged during the numerous conflicts that affected the Horn of Africa during the twentieth century, and so it stands today.

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bostjan, January 19th, 2022
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