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Die Serpentine

Berlin, Germany
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It is a residential building for Bundestag delegates and for federal staff in Berlin and it is part of the Moabiter Werder complex.

They were created as a result of a competition of 1995. Although the draft of the Berlin architect Georg Bumiller did not receive the first prize, but only a "special mention". It was nevertheless proposed by the court of justice to the execution and finally also built.

The main component of the building complex is a 320 m long, multi-threaded brick building with 718 residential units, which rises from east to west from five to eight floors. The house is praised for its striking snake shape ("spatial sculpture"), and because it is the central idea of the conditions under a difficult spatial bond of the federation receives, after the new government center beyond the Spree was designed.

Negative comments concern the sheer size of the object, the lack of balconies as well as relatively small interiors with low ceilings. The whole building complex is completed by four atrium houses and a head building in the west of the "serpent", designed by different architects.