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Cuadra San Cristobal

Mexico City, Mexico
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Boasting the modernist architectural touch of famous Pritzker Prize winner, Luis Barragan, Cuadra San Cristobal is a triumph of geometry, and displays the power of earthen tones, and the genius of simplicity. Cuadra San Cristobal has the ability to make the outdoors become intertwined with the indoors, not only through the use of glazing, but also through the interplay between light and shade, and the interaction between covered structures and uncovered space. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer an invisible portal for sunlight and vistas of the lush and precisely landscaped grounds. The interior offers 2,493-square-meters of space, with four bedrooms and five-and-a-half bathrooms, as well as living areas, being positioned on the first floor. A two-bedroom, one-bathroom staff quarters, along with a guest apartment also comprised of two bedrooms and one bathroom, offer plenty of space, and a three bedroom, one bathroom exterior apartment has been placed at the stables.

Each space in this linear paradise flows seamlessly and willingly into the next, aided by abstract structures and use of water to connect otherwise separate zones. This use of water as a device for continuity is a masterful way to bring a sense of calm and add an ever-changing texture and life force into the grounds. Throughout the 30,245 m2 estate, fountains and serene azure tones contrast against the terracotta, crisp whites and surprisingly accommodating pink of the exterior walls. The equestrian pursuits of the owners are reflected through the construction of stables within the grounds, and there is an idea, a belief, that the horses should roam free throughout the space, just as guests are invited to. A smaller pool exists for the residents, whilst a larger one is dedicated to the horses, and situated by the home, to be enjoyed by spectators dwelling within.

There is a fluidity that is embraced and promoted within the design, the bold idea that minimalist geometric lines can be curbed by the imagination, or softened with the use of color and texture, not restricted by generic building materials, but harnessing the power of the elements water and earth. A spectacular space, an unmatched architectural lineage.

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  1. Barragan Foundation
mariathuroczy, March 4th, 2021
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