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Condominium Trnovski Pristan

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Condominium is a two-floor apartment building with fifteen individualized apartments, common entrance lobby, interior winter garden and exterior summer atrium.

Its basic volume is agitated, partitioned and non-monolithic, which allows for optimal illumination of all apartments and a connection of interior area with the exterior through greater greened terraces, consoled balconies and winter gardens. The partitioning of the basic volume continues to the irregular rhythm of the balconies volume. The balconies extend far away from the building, towards the circumferential garden. The partitioning reaches its peak by the composition of facade surfaces made of pixels of multi-coloured ceramic tiles, and pre-dimensioned black metal frames, which link Blown-up Windows and balconies of orange wood.

The desired final effect of the facade at the apartment block known as Condominium Trnovski Pristan was developed through a technique of pixelization. The large window openings with their wide black frames interconnect between themselves, thus creating what appears to be a heavy structure for the building's framework. The interconnecting window openings seem to fragment the volume of the building as if they were supporting part of the building, which of course is nonsense. Between this heavy structure of the window frames it is a light membrane made of ceramic tiles, in such a way that pixelization softens the edges between the dark windows and the bright, light ceramic membrane.

By day, when because of the sunlight reflecting on the windows, the glass surfaces of this heavy structure seem dark, the black pixels of the ceramic tiles soften the edges binding them to the light ceramic membrane. A distant view of the building enhances the effect.

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bostjan, April 15th, 2014
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